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Healing has been around for hundreds of thousands of years and is still used by many today. Science is slowly catching up to what our human selves know, long before they had technology. If science cant figure a way to prove it works logically, its classed as not valid. Not everything has logic and especially the universe. Everything happens for a reason, ask and you shall receive,  are very literal rules when it comes to the way we live life.

We are here for a human experience and don't we know it at times like 2021.
There is a theory that we are here to learn lessons and once those lessons are learned we die. Not entirely true, as we live many lifetimes, we may not remember them, but we remember little things. Have you ever wondered why you are a natural at something? Maybe you have done it before in a previous life. We are continually evolving and return to the next life to start all over again.

If lessons are not learnt they keep presenting themselves until they get bigger and bigger and bigger. By this stage, the issue can't be missed and the person thinks their life is in, they weren't seeing the issue, so it was made more obvious for them to tend to.
Healing enables people to learn all these life lessons with ease, without hitting rock bottom, without struggling through life financially, without missing out on knowing what true love feels like.

The Thetahealing® practitioner goes into a meditation whilst awake and walks the client through the same. The Practitioner connects to what is referred to in Thetahealing, as the 7th plane. This is where Universal energy , Source energy, Creator, God, Spirit is, depending on your beliefs. This is in no way religious orientated at all, this is purely based on the individuals belief.
Whilst connected to the 7th plane, the Practitioner and client are in Theta Brainwave, the same as when you are hypnotised, but you can be awake talking. From experience, your head may feel light and you may have a euphoric feeling.
Anything you would like to change about your life can be done in an instant by accessing your subconscious in this state, and the Practitioner facilitating your healing by seeing what beliefs maybe causing the clients issues. 
Beliefs are handed down through generations and we don't  know they are there unless you do this technique or have a Practitioner that can see the beliefs or teach you to energy test. 
An example of how it works could be the following scenario - If you had an Ancestor 7 generations back from you, that had a wife run away with another man. He may have verbally made a vow , never to trust women again, as he was so hurt. This belief can be passed down through DNA as "I Can never trust women" and be affecting someone today in 2021. Some families have members with multiple marriages and it is a very strong pattern. This could be why! This can be removed for the whole family by one person having a healing.
Something so simple could become so big and affect generations and hundreds of people.

Generally, most people can pick what they would like to change, usually its to do with money or love.
You don't meet many people who say they don't need any more money and you meets lots of people asking about true love and soul mates. 
You will attract people into your life that your energy resonates with. It maybe a part of you that you don't like or never thought about. 
If you grew up in an unstable home with parents arguing, you will grow up with the belief that its normal for couples to argue and that a stable home is parents fighting. Your children will then see the same and continue it on. 
 In the above instances referred to, having a healing can remove all the shock, trauma and drama from that time growing up, and be replaced with Creators perspective of a stable home.
The feeling of being safe, sharing your life with someone, true love, harmonious communication, peace, can also be downloaded from Creator. This is will make the person feel different straight away.

This is not based on what you know, have learnt or experienced, this is a pure definition that you didn't know existed. This can be done in a matter of seconds. This removes from your subconscious so many perspectives and thoughts on your home and life. This is life changing.
This is reprogramming your brain. Its like computer software updates , it removes the old and replaces with the new updated versions. 
This technique is amazing, has the quickest results of any treatment I have seen. It can be used on absolutely anything. In a one hour session of this, so many things are updated you feel brand new, energised, peaceful, free and relaxed.

The subconscious is where our behaviours come from, so this is where it needs to change to have a change in a certain behaviour.
There is a huge difference in what we think consciously, to what our subconscious thinks. Our subconscious is constantly trying to protect us and keeps files on everything that happens in our life and saves it with a belief.

Another aspect of this technique is the ability to read the body and see energetically into the body. As a Nurse this totally amazed me, to be able to see how many babies someone had given birth too and had lost . To be able to see literally the walls people had up around their heart to protect themselves or where they had stored their emotions in their body enabling them to have dis-ease or as we refer to it ,disease.
Abuse is stored in the stomach, emotional abuse on one side and physical abuse on the other, Sadness is stored in the lungs and anger is in the Liver, resentment is held in the Kidneys.
Our emotions are so connected to our bodies, it physically affects us and people are not aware of seeking the answers prior to medication for physical ailments. I have many stories about this to tell.

As a healer, I know if anything is going with myself or my family I can get right down to assisting with whatever it is. I am constantly working on myself as well, to remove as much as I possibly can and download Creators perspective, definition and feeling of anything and everything. This is done on a level that reaches all of my family as well.
I love working with clients, as they are blown away by the results and how different they feel. Whilst doing a healing we can talk and laugh, as its their your fault this is all in place, its a number of factors. There is zero judgement from myself and some beliefs that come up are out of this world, and sound crazy, as they could be 300 years old, but its there and you don't need it, so we can remove it.

It doesn't matter where anything came from, there is no blame, we just release it all and see how the client feels.
This technique has changed my life and my families life. It enabled me to be able to understand my intuition, to connect and to heal my ancestors. To heal my own hurts and abuse I have endured in this lifetime and learn to forgive, so I can move on was like lifting a weight off my shoulders.

I highly recommend people from all cultural backgrounds have healings done. The trauma in the First Nations People continues on in our generations below us, totally unaware of where certain behaviours or attitudes towards certain things comes from. We don't even have to have experienced it ourselves personally, our blood line has held on to it to keep us safe. We now know how to keep ourselves safe, we don't have to struggle, we have a voice, we can celebrate openly and encourage our languages to be spoken by our children. Its not the same as our ancestors, but we can release their hurts, pain and trauma.

We can still have the connection to our Ancestors without the pain, the trauma and constantly fighting the fight.
We can be proud of our beautiful cultures and people surviving and coming out the other side. We can keep the respect and cultural activities, and teach our children the true stories. We can release the shame of being who we are, that was projected onto us or our Ancestors, because there is no need now to hold onto it.
 Now is the time to focus on our families, our wealth and our health, we can have it all, with ease and without struggle and without having to ask if we can. 

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Bookings and availability can be seen by following the booking system below. If these times are not suitable or are urgent please contact us on 0423145274.
Please ensure if you are experiencing a mental health crisis or emergency that you contact someone immediately or call Lifeline 13 11 14 or
Suicide Call back Service 1300 659 467

Our service is a special service, its our passion and close to our hearts, After many years of going back and forth between nursing and healing, I chose to do both on my terms. 

I have been seeing clients since 2013, which started at our family home. Since the beginning of my spiritual journey as a child, my skillsets and expertise have grown immensely since having my children. For more information about me, please read the sections Rebecca Brand and also our business history.

Our service caters for all ages and aspects of the individual.  We offer services in trauma care and are fortunate to be able to say we have had great success, so we have no long term clients.

 Using the techniques I have trained in , this is effective enough to have changes instantly on the brain. There is change during the session and afterwards. The session is completely tailored to the individual.

We deal with road accident trauma, workplace bullying, childhood trauma, sexual abuse, addictions, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, financial issues and stress, parenting issues, workplace toxicity, weight issues, smoking, intergenerational trauma, confidence issues, grief, separation from children, Domestic Violence (non gender specific service), PTSD, high stress jobs, general illness, Mens issues,  body aches and pains and sports performance. 

We specialize in Mens issues as we feel there is a lack of services for Men, and also a reluctance to seek assistance. We provide a safe and comfortable environment for everyone to open up and be themselves. I personally work in a male dominated environment in the transport industry and am a manager to an awesome crew of drivers,  whom I am constantly promoting to be themselves. 

There is no awkwardness that comes with these sessions, we have a laugh, get rid of what you dont need in your head anymore and clients are guided the whole time through the process with ease.

Adult appointments are 45min to just over an hour depending on the person. Children are more 30-40min before they get restless depending on the child. 
That is totally gauged off how you feel. This is not something you have regular weekly appointments for.
Some people come back after 6 mths, some 12mths. You will have change after your one session and changes will continue to happen for some weeks afterwards. 
YES! Please ensure you are well hydrated and had at least 2 glasses of water before we start. I have a water bottle to sip on , so feel free to have yours with you. 
Absolutely not. Most people are more comfortable in their own environment whilst they feel vulnerable so many people work off their laptop on their bed and talk to me for their session. The results are exactly the same as we are working on energy and beliefs so you cant physically see them in either setting. Results are amazing regardless of how they are done either phone, online or in person. 
I teach clients to energy test so they can test themselves after their session on anything they choose as well.
Most people feel quite light and have a sense of freedom and worries gone. Some people have related the feeling in their head to being "stoned" . This feeling is the brain readjusting after being in the Theta brainwave, which is the same brainwave used in hypnosis, but with this therapy you are awake and alert.
Keep drinking lots of water for the next 24 hours 
Yes there is. Studies have been conducted with great results, with the use of an EEG (electroencephalogram) to detect the activity of the brain during this therapy. Also MRI s to detect physical change in the brain as well.
Emotion's and the body are very connected and can cause physical ailments and illnesses in the body. The body can be read very easily and tells a story of its own and usually the client has no idea where it came from. Clients have been literally relieved instantly from chronic pain in backs, arms, legs etc. from beliefs being changed for them. Its truly amazing and an experience like no other!
Yes I am.  I am A Registered Nurse, through the governing agency for all nurses( APHRA) and have my own insurances. I have a Bachelor of Health Science and have studied trauma care, counselling and children's counselling. I have experience in couples counselling as well..
No, you can book yourself in. If there is something you may need to be referred for after seeing me, I can assist you with that. 
Yes. As with any health professional, your session details are confidential. I rarely take notes, I go off the client form information.
Due to being in the Theta brain wave,  I don't particularly remember everything about the session. The facilitation is done during the session and we don't need to go back over old information.
Not at all! The intent and faith of the person facilitating the session ( Me) is enough for the changes to happen. You don't have to believe in anything or be religious for it to work. Come with an open mind and leave with an awesome new lease of life and perspective. 
Yes I do. I have worked on babies in utero, babies earthside, toddlers, school children, teens and young adults.
I have lots of experience with children , while being a mother to 8 children and a grandmother to 2. I also worked in the Child and Adolescent unit at Mackay Base Hospital and Carlyle Community Centre
Yes we do. We have an assortment of crystal jewellery in the forms of rings, earrings and pendants. We stock crystal pendulum's, crystal tumble stones and healing books. If there is anything in particular you are after, I can order it in for you. 
I am a psychic medium and I do readings within your session. If there is anything you would like me to check out for you, I can do that. I don't particularly do just readings, as I dont see the point because a reading does not assist the client.
 A healing creates the change for the client to what they want, rather then leave it up to "fate" to lead your future. 
Yes we have EFTPOS, over the phone payments, and will have afterpay as an option in the future
I am a Registered Nurse, Mother, Medical Intuitive, Spiritual teacher and healer.
Everyone has their own belief system that fits in with their life and makes them who they are, and sometimes people aren't happy with some parts of themselves and we are here to assist those people to facilitate change in their life, that they choose.

In Nursing I have seen the need for therapies to complement the medical side of things. Medicine can't fix everything, but people can help themselves if they are aware of the options. Many people are unaware that emotions are connected to our physical body and can manifest into disease and disorders on a physical level.

I see people with depression, anxiety, anger issues, trauma, sexual abuse, low self esteem, stressed, confused on where they are in life, in pain with chronic issues or injuries, dying, dealing with childhood abuse, neglect or guilt or people who just want to relax and have a little down time to rejuvenate. Its a very broad spectrum!

When facilitating a session I use a multitude of techniques to achieve results. I use my medical knowledge, training and intuition along with different modalities and trainings I have attained over the years.
I feel and read peoples energies and can assist them by adjusting their energies to a more positive and relaxed one. Belief systems that are making life hectic can be identified quickly and easily and also removed.
I do not use one technique, I use everything that works for that person.
I conduct distant healings, which means I can do a healing on a person no matter where they are in the world. I need permission from the person receiving the healing to do this, as I energetically enter their energy field.

Messenger, Zoom and via telephone are other ways I do healings via distance. The results are amazing and come with a guarantee.
Some of my attributes are:

Registered Nurse
Medical Intuitive
Trauma Counsellor
Thetahealing® Teacher & Practitioner
Access Consciousness® Practitioner
Crystal Healing Therapist
Reiki Master
Children's Therapist
Pendulum Therapist
Wellbeing Counsellor
Psychic Medium
Men's Health Practitioner


The ThetaHealing® technique, is a meditation technique and spiritual philosophy - not specific to any religion. It is a training method for your mind, body and spirit that allows you to clear limiting beliefs and live life with positive thoughts, developing virtues in all that you do. This technique was founded by Vianna Stibal in 1995 and is taught and practiced by thousands of people all over the world.

The ThetaHealing technique is always taught to be used in conjunction with conventional medicine. Thetahealing® Practitioners can open your heart and mind to anything that is possible for you and create instantaneous physical and emotional wellbeing.

The philosophy of Thetahealing is to live, train, and coach others how to achieve a better life through the pure essence of love. 

Thetahealing® is best known for the 7 Planes of Existence concept. Using this concept, the practitioner uses the meditation technique to connect with a higher spiritual power/ source energy/universal energy of his/her own belief and commands a change as requested by that individual and it is done. This technique is very quick and creates very subtle changes in the thought processes and physically. The client will notice change and be facilitated comfortably through the session.


For more information on this technique please follow the link and also note training is available with Brands Wellbeing.

This is a family business who has collaborated two businesses and loves into one. The transport industry is a major part of their life and so is well-being. Formerly, Harveys NQ Transport & Rehealing were run separately by this husband and wife team.
Rebecca (Bec) is a Registered Nurse , Thetahealing ® Practitioner and Instructor, Access Consciousness® Practitioner, Intuitive reader and Manager of Brands Road Transport & Industry Health.
Steve is also a Thetahealing® Practitioner, Boiler Maker by trade, Transport Operator and Allocator for the business, whilst doing what he does best, organizing loads and ensuring the trucks are up to the standard. Steve has been driving trucks all his life and has extensive experience in many aspects of the industry.

The business has been named to reflect what these two are about, Transport and Health .
Mental health is a huge issue, especially in Men. Lets face it, Men and Women are wired differently. Women like to talk their problems out with their girlfriends over coffee or on the phone, while Men generally get to a point they might mention they “have stuff going on”.

Bec and Steve believe that belief programming from within the subconscious contributes to life upheaval. The subconscious beliefs come from a way a person is raised, by whom, where they lived, how they were treated, relationship breakdowns, family genetics etc all these factors contribute to how someone is now. This is not in any way blaming the person, the parents anything, it just means that now, this person can have a Well-Being session and beliefs can be changed that cause behaviour that in the present time, is not warranted or needed. It can cause more harm then good.

Some of the many issues addressed are depression, anxiety, childhood trauma, work place conflict, toxic workplaces, post accident trauma, illnesses, aches and pains, relationship issues, isolated from children, domestic violence (No gender bias), high stress jobs, PTSD, financial stress and sports performance. This is not an extensive list of what is covered.

Bec has had many years experience in working on clients and has seen amazing results after one session. Bec was previously a volunteer counsellor for Transhelp Foundation, assisting Transport Operators across Australia via the internet. Post accident trauma is the worst, with some drivers not able to step back in a truck again and blaming themselves for something completely out of their own control. This trauma can be removed so quickly and the emotion attached to it is gone. Drivers, post accident, can be free from the lack of sleep, anxiety and flashbacks that haunt them. We offer a FREE service to truck drivers and accept donations towards this free service, to enable it to keep running.

Transport is an industry that is tough with long hours, being away from family, being at risk on the road, relationship conflict over roles and raising children and many other issues. We specialize in Mens Mental health, as we believe there is a lack of support and understanding for Mens Issues.
Man Therapy is a concept to allow men to be men and still feel connected to themselves and emotion without the shame or expectation that has been handed down from generations before them.

Well-Being sessions are available over messenger and can be done in 30min or 60 min blocks at a time convenient for the person. This is not a “you have to book an appointment in one week” after the last. One session may be all you need , some people might return after 6mths to have an adjustment as stress pops up, others 12 mths. It is totally gauged off how the person is feeling.
Many people have seen a psychiatrist for months, even years and not had these results. This is qualified assistance from within the industry, with someone who lives and breathes in it and understands what it creates. Some people are unaware there is an issue until they have it released and it is amazing!

Businesses will benefit from this service as it can transform employee dynamics, Management issues, business income and so much more. Toxic workplaces create an unhappy place, where there are huge sick leave absences, ongoing conflict and less productivity . This then creates conflict between managers and owners and back to the employees again.

This service is not only for the Transport Industry but for every Industry out there. Bec and Steve are putting this amazing service accessible to everyone from all works of life.
For business booking quotes or queries, please contact via email and that will be tended to ASAP.
A special offer to businesses: ONE free session per business for an Owner or Manager to sample what this is about and how it can benefit themselves and employees in business.

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