Our service is a special service, its our passion and close to our hearts, After many years of going back and forth between nursing and healing, I chose to do both on my terms. 

I have been seeing clients since 2013, which started at our family home. Since the beginning of my spiritual journey as a child, my skillsets and expertise have grown immensely since having my children. For more information about me, please read the sections Rebecca Brand and also our business history.

Our service caters for all ages and aspects of the individual.  We offer services in trauma care and are fortunate to be able to say we have had great success, so we have no long term clients.

 Using the techniques I have trained in , this is effective enough to have changes instantly on the brain. There is change during the session and afterwards. The session is completely tailored to the individual.

We deal with road accident trauma, workplace bullying, childhood trauma, sexual abuse, addictions, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, financial issues and stress, parenting issues, workplace toxicity, weight issues, smoking, intergenerational trauma, confidence issues, grief, separation from children, Domestic Violence (non gender specific service), PTSD, high stress jobs, general illness, Mens issues,  body aches and pains and sports performance. 

We specialize in Mens issues as we feel there is a lack of services for Men, and also a reluctance to seek assistance. We provide a safe and comfortable environment for everyone to open up and be themselves. I personally work in a male dominated environment in the transport industry and am a manager to an awesome crew of drivers,  whom I am constantly promoting to be themselves. 

There is no awkwardness that comes with these sessions, we have a laugh, get rid of what you dont need in your head anymore and clients are guided the whole time through the process with ease.