Adult appointments are 45min to just over an hour depending on the person. Children are more 30-40min before they get restless depending on the child. 
That is totally gauged off how you feel. This is not something you have regular weekly appointments for.
Some people come back after 6 mths, some 12mths. You will have change after your one session and changes will continue to happen for some weeks afterwards. 
YES! Please ensure you are well hydrated and had at least 2 glasses of water before we start. I have a water bottle to sip on , so feel free to have yours with you. 
Absolutely not. Most people are more comfortable in their own environment whilst they feel vulnerable so many people work off their laptop on their bed and talk to me for their session. The results are exactly the same as we are working on energy and beliefs so you cant physically see them in either setting. Results are amazing regardless of how they are done either phone, online or in person. 
I teach clients to energy test so they can test themselves after their session on anything they choose as well.
Most people feel quite light and have a sense of freedom and worries gone. Some people have related the feeling in their head to being "stoned" . This feeling is the brain readjusting after being in the Theta brainwave, which is the same brainwave used in hypnosis, but with this therapy you are awake and alert.
Keep drinking lots of water for the next 24 hours 
Yes there is. Studies have been conducted with great results, with the use of an EEG (electroencephalogram) to detect the activity of the brain during this therapy. Also MRI s to detect physical change in the brain as well.
Emotion's and the body are very connected and can cause physical ailments and illnesses in the body. The body can be read very easily and tells a story of its own and usually the client has no idea where it came from. Clients have been literally relieved instantly from chronic pain in backs, arms, legs etc. from beliefs being changed for them. Its truly amazing and an experience like no other!
Yes I am.  I am A Registered Nurse, through the governing agency for all nurses( APHRA) and have my own insurances. I have a Bachelor of Health Science and have studied trauma care, counselling and children's counselling. I have experience in couples counselling as well..
No, you can book yourself in. If there is something you may need to be referred for after seeing me, I can assist you with that. 
Yes. As with any health professional, your session details are confidential. I rarely take notes, I go off the client form information.
Due to being in the Theta brain wave,  I don't particularly remember everything about the session. The facilitation is done during the session and we don't need to go back over old information.
Not at all! The intent and faith of the person facilitating the session ( Me) is enough for the changes to happen. You don't have to believe in anything or be religious for it to work. Come with an open mind and leave with an awesome new lease of life and perspective. 
Yes I do. I have worked on babies in utero, babies earthside, toddlers, school children, teens and young adults.
I have lots of experience with children , while being a mother to 8 children and a grandmother to 2. I also worked in the Child and Adolescent unit at Mackay Base Hospital and Carlyle Community Centre
Yes we do. We have an assortment of crystal jewellery in the forms of rings, earrings and pendants. We stock crystal pendulum's, crystal tumble stones and healing books. If there is anything in particular you are after, I can order it in for you. 
I am a psychic medium and I do readings within your session. If there is anything you would like me to check out for you, I can do that. I don't particularly do just readings, as I dont see the point because a reading does not assist the client.
 A healing creates the change for the client to what they want, rather then leave it up to "fate" to lead your future. 
Yes we have EFTPOS, over the phone payments, and will have afterpay as an option in the future