n this enlightenment dvd Vianna will explain her personal opinions and perspectives of theta brain waves and why they are so benificial to the ThetaHealing® technique, a way to connect with The Creator of all that is! Learning how to work on the body, mind, and spirit can be very challenging but through this technique, anything is possible! Vianna will also briefly explain different activities that we all do every day that will put our brain’s in a theta state of mind without our consciousness evan being aware of it! Manifesting your dreams goals and desires has always been a very big part of ThetaHealing® and she expresses that as well. Compassion for one another is the key to success in obtaining your manifestations for yourself and or your clients! Whether it’s a healthy body, more money or just a stronger connection to a higher power of your understanding, you will both begin to see changes when we fill our beings with love, understanding and compassion! I believe that if we all learn how to truly appreciate and love unconditionally which is easier said than done, we would truly find inner joy and peace and always stay connected to the creator of all that is, through the ThetaHealing technique. This was filmed in March 2011 at a Sivananda Ashram, as part of an all night chant and meditation, dedicated too Shiva and Parvati’s wedding anniversary! This is a live and very rare workshop! So again, excuse Vianna! She is very tired but this information is very explanatory and informative if trying to understand Theta brain waves and why they are so important to the ThetaHealing technique.

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